Railway Costing, Pricing and Financial Analysis

For the last 30 years, CANAC has been offering to railways around the world a high level of expertise specialized in Railway costing, financial analysis, tariffs and pricing using our internal costing system.

In a typical project, CANAC performs railway costing studies, compares the costs with the surrounding competition, determines the current practices for the tariffs and marketing strategies, and proposes recommendations.

In certain projects, CANAC has implemented its costing and tariff system for the freight and passenger railway services integrating the working methods with the company’s operating information systems.

Our recommendations significantly contributed to the improvement of its clients’ tariffs which helped them face the commercial market demand.

Some of CANAC’s past clients in the area of railway costing, pricing and financial analysis include:


Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Tunisiens, SNCFT
(Unité d’Affaires des Transports Phosphatiers)


Office National des Chemins de Fer, ONCF, and The World Bank


Sao Paulo State Railway, FEPASA


China Railways and The World Bank


Private petroleum company


Zambia Railways, ZR


Bolivia Railways, ENFE

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