Specializing in the Rail and transportation industry, our creative team provides customized, effective and innovative training development and delivery solutions. Our team includes instructional designers, graphic artists, programmers and qualified instructors to meet any training requirement.

Services include:

  • Instructor led training
  • Practical and hands-on training
  • Paper based and E-learning
  • Blended approached learning
  • Customized training solutions
  • Training Development / Delivery

    CANAC can design, develop and deliver courses for classroom training, custom eLearning courseware, as well as blended learning initiatives. In addition, we provide development of business cases to support training investment, human performance analysis and technical support.

    Training Development services including:

    • Needs analysis
    • Learner analysis
    • Curriculum development
    • Product design and development
    • Subject matter expertise
    • Layout and graphics production
    • Audio-visual production
    • Project management
    • Reproduction and distribution services
    • Archival and cataloguing services

    Training Delivery courses offered:

  • C.R.O.R.
  • Track Inspection Guidelines
  • Locomotive Operator Training
  • Daily Locomotive Inspection
  • Basic Rail Rules and Safety Procedures
  • Technology Based Training (eLearning)
    Our team provides high-quality, technology-based training products and services for a wide range of clients in North America. We have a broad range of expertise in the creation of web-based training products.

    Our eLearning programs feature:

    • learner-paced
    • eliciting the senses by blending various media (text, images, audio-visuals)
    • engaging learners through activities and exercises
    • providing immediate feedback

    This type of training is cost effective and flexible. It reduces resource requirements and employees don't have to travel to attend a course.

    Classroom Training
    Our instructional designers are skilled at writing lesson plans and developing complete instructor manuals, participant packages, handbooks and job aids.  We will work with you to create custom courses and/or help you update or revamp your existing course materials.

    On top of the latest trends, we design the courses to be engaging, learner centered, and hands-on through a variety of activities, such as role plays, demonstrations, discussions, practice, games, drills, and quizzes. Through our design, the instructor facilitates the process using lesson plans and PowerPoint slide shows, but the learners are the ones who engage in a variety of activities to achieve maximum retention of information. Using proven learner-centered designs assures that the participants meet the course objectives and enhance their skills and knowledge.

    Blended solutions
    Looking for a combination of traditional education and eLearning? CANAC can design a curriculum for you to do just that! These are cost-effective without losing the "human factor" of the presence of an instructor.

    Not sure what you need? Our team of railroad experts can assess your company’s needs to help you determine the type of training or solution required. CANAC will analyze your workplace to determine the critical skills, knowledge and abilities of your employees. We have the solution for you; whether it is an "off the shelf" basic safety course or a customized practical course, we can help!


    Some of the Training Projects completed by CANAC:

    Amtrak (Development and Delivery of Training Material) - Montreal,QC

    Worked for Bombardier in the development and delivery of training material for Amtrak maintenance personnel on the Amtrak high-speed Acela train between Washington and Boston.

    CN (QSOC, online training) - Montreal,QC

    Developed a Web-based Training program, in both official languages, for CN employees on Qualification Standards of Operating Crews (QSOC).

    Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) 

    Provided Continuous Welded Rail courses with the following instructional activities and objectives:

    • General Safety Precautions and personal protective equipment (PPE).
    • Describe the causes of Track Buckling
    • Describe the causes of rail-pull-a-parts
    • Identify the hazards of track buckling
    • Identify corrective measures for preventing Continuous Welded Rail damage
    • Identify procedures for repairing damaged Continuous Welded Rail

    Kansas City Southern Railroad (Web based training program)- Montreal,QC

    Developed a Web-Based Training program for Kansas City Southern Railroad employees on
    pre-employment and recertification program to meet ongoing regulatory requirements.

    Metra (new locomotives) - Montreal,QC

    Worked as a sub to Motive Power Industry on the delivery of new locomotives to Metra in Chicago. CANAC conducted the training needs analysis and developed all the training material. In addition, CANAC delivered the training to Metra’s operating and maintenance personnel.

    Metra (Signal Maintainer) - Montreal,QC

    Developed and delivered an apprenticeship-training program for Chicago Metra signal maintainer.

    OCTranspo (Driver training program) - Montreal,QC

    Developed a driver-training program for Ottawa’s OCTranspo train operators on newly introduced Talent123 commuter equipment. CANAC also conducted the initial training for all operating employees.

    TriMet (Track Maintenance) - Montreal,QC

    Developed the training package for TriMet, track maintenance personnel in Portland, Oregon. CANAC conducted the needs analysis, developed the training materials and trained the employees.

    For more information on our products and services, contact us by phone at 1-800-588-4387 or by email: [email protected].

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